Search engine optimization is a constantly evolving landscape and the strategies a business must use to rank are shifting from text related searches to voice searches thanks to the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Google too.

For a long time, Google has dominated the SEO world. This is changing and doing so fast. In 2019, the probability of Amazon and Apple becoming a common choice is very high. It’s a wakeup call to all SEO experts. Your keywords and content must also be Amazon and Apple friendly. You now have to start working on how to broaden your horizon. Get back on the drawing board and learn how to not only rank on websites but other platforms. Technology is changing, and you must be on par with the fluctuating environment.

Times are changing. The strategies you employed in 2018 might not work in 2019. It is essential to start building a plan early as an SEO expert if you don’t want to see your website ranking bottom. So keep a tab on these emerging trends.

The following article has some very useful SEO suggestions and is a good starting point for all SEO experts and website owners on the trends in search traffic.

10 SEO Techniques to rank your website higher and reap great traffic

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